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Jordan Whitening is known nationally as the "Basketball Whiz Kid".  He is Atlanta's own ten year old Tiger Woods type prodigy of basketball.  He is by far, and will be for a time to come, the youngest adolescent to handle and dribble a regulated size basketball with control at the age of 14 months, due to exceptional eye-hand coordination.  Jordan was born to proud parents Victor and Jacqueline Whitening on May 5, 2001, weighting 9 lbs and 3 ounces.  Jordan was born in Decatur, Georgia, at DeKalb Medical Center and resides in Stone Mountain, Georgia
In 2003, Jordan's family was convinced that he would be a special type of basketball player, when he was 14 months old and began his infatuation with the sport of basketball after watching the movie, "Like Mike".  Jordan would practice basketball up to six hours a day hitting approximately 95% of his shots on his 7-foot tall basketball goal that was specially modified by his dad.  Jordan's daily routine consists of watching basketball footage and emulating basketball players.  He eats, sleeps, prays, and bathes with the basketball.
At age 2, ambidextrous, Jordan was accepted in a basketball program at Browns Mill Recreation Center, Little Hoopsters Program for ages 4-6 year olds.  In addition, that same year, Jordan appeared on Good Morning Atlanta (46-CBS News), and Call for Action News (11-Alive-WXIA) displaying his exceptional basketball skills.  At age 3, Jordan was playing organized basketball at the local South DeKalb YMCA.
By 2005, at age 3, Jordan extraordinary story had been featured on television, newspapers and radio for his amazing basketball skills.  Jordan has met Earvin "Magic" Johnson, Curly Neal and several other celebrities/professional basketball players.  His favorite basketball players being Michael Jordan (which he coincidently shares the same name), Charles Barkley, Kobe Bryant, and Shaquelle O'Neal.
On Friday, March 25, 2005, Jordan's amazing basketball talent was aired on TV with the alias name "The 3 Year Old Baskeball Whiz Kid".  At that time, Jordan started to get national attention as a Tiger Woods type basketball prodigy on "The Inside Edition Show".  (Multiple Airings - as late as Friday, July 1, 2005) www.kbcmedia.com/jordanwhitening/
July 4, 2005, Jordan was a participate of the 23rd Annual Stone Mountain Independence Day Parade.  In addition, July 16, 2005, Jordan story aired on WXIA-11Alive News NBC - "Wes Side Story".  August 1, 2005, Jordan story was featured in the Atlanta Good Life Magazine.  In October 2005, Jordan was a guest on "Ordinary People", and his story was featured in "Rejoice Atlanta Magazine".
August 6, 2005, at age 4, Jordan auditioned and was accepted into the John Robert Powers School System of Acting, Singing, Dancing and Modeling.  August 15, 2005, at age 4, Jordan entered Elementary School as a pre-kindergarten student.
February 2006, Jordan was selected as a model for M&M Hair Products.  He is currently featured on their website under the "children's hair care products" located at www.mmproducts.com.
March 11, 2006, Jordan performed as the mini mascot-in-training (mini Globie) for the Harlem Globetrotters at Philips Arena, Atlanta, Georgia.  In December 2006, Jordan  photos appeared in the Winter 2006 edition of The Atlanta Child Care Guide as "Local All-Stars from the Community".
January 2007, at age 5, Jordan was contacted by WXIA-TV 11Alive News, Atlanta GA, to be nominated as a candidate for Black History Month Celebrity Story on African American Youth for February 2007.  During the month of January & February 2007, Jordan's volunteered community services included Story Time Reader at various schools. 
March 1, 2007, Jordan was featured as a rising basketball star on "Take 2 Sports", WPXA TV,  Atlanta GA.
In March 2007, Jordan age 5 was recommended and accepted into a high acheiver program called "Saturday School for Scholars & Leaders", Georgia State University.  May 3, 2007, Jordan made a special appearence on "Take 2 Sports Show" with former Harlem Globetrotter Elbert "Tree" Gordon.
March 16, 2008, Jordan age 6 participated in the Atlanta Hawks Harry's Mini Dribblers Program.  April 15, 2008, pre-game performance for the Atlanta Hawks vs Olando Magic game as one of Harry's Mini Dribblers.

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